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Chengchi Buddhist Studies Forum (CBSF)

We are a group of Buddhologists based at the National Chengchi University, Taipei. This group came into shape mainly during the years when Prof. Lin, Chen-kuo conducted two projects aiming at nurturing young scholars in Buddhist studies in Taiwan: "Buddhist Epistemology (2007-2009)" and "Indian Buddhist Thought in 6th to 7th Century China (2009-2012)." We believe in methodological Pluralism and are interested in all fields in Buddhist studies, including Buddhist philosophy (Buddhist logic, pramāṇa theory, theory of consciousness, Buddhist Ethics, Buddhist Hermeneutics, Buddhist Phenomenology, etc.); Scriptural languages (Sanskrit, Tibetan and Pāli); study of Buddhist scriptures; study of manuscripts and variant editions of ancient texts; schools/lineages of Chinese Buddhism; history of Buddhist texts; Tibetan Buddhism; Theravāda Buddhism; Buddhist narratives; Buddhist arts, etc.

We welcome all those who are interested in the study of Buddhism to join this forum and engage themselves with academic discussions, either in Chinese or in English.

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